Papadopoulos & Sons at the Dinard Film Festival – 3rd to 7th October 2012

It looks like a reunion. Most of the key cast of Papadopoulos & Sons will be in Dinard this week, at the Dinard Film Festival, in France. Georges Corraface, Stephen Dillane, Ed Stoppard and Georgia Groome will be there – as well as Jimmy Roussounis, who plays Fat Laki. Frank Dillane may also make it out on Friday night.

Papadopoulos & Sons is being screened daily and we have some good evening slots. Information about where and when can be found on the Dinard Film Festival website here:

There are some interesting films that I intend to catch there – new films like Good Vibrations and Live East Die Young as well as reruns of classics like Billy Liar (which is one of my favourites).

I always connected to Billy Liar. There is a fine line between being a fantasist or talented – and that fine line is success. Success isn’t important because of the money or fame or ego but because most of us in the creative world want the stamp that says… “It’s okay, carry on, you’re not mad”. Blessed (and extremely brave) are the artists that carry on regardless.

And on the fine line between madness and talent, the artistic director of the Dinard Film Festival, Hussam Hindi, emailed to ask whether I would get up and dance with the cast and crew after our Friday night screening. I said I would do my best to convince them. Actors are a contradiction. They are surprisingly shy.

Georges Corraface and Georgia Groome have committed to joining me in a dance (which will be mostly improvised) and Ed Stoppard doesn’t know yet – but he will have no choice in the matter.

The dancing would be ironic. I set out to write a script that would change my life. This was advice given to me in a seminar by John Truby – a brilliant script doctor who comes to the UK every year or so to lecture on story structure. His argument is that if you write a script that changes your life, it won’t matter if the film gets made or not, you will have written something that changes your life.  I’ve always struggled with my Greek identity at some level, so even though I may not have a UK distribution deal, I may end up Greek dancing in front of an audience. It fills me with dread just thinking about it but at least I can say the film changed my life.

People who I have never met, who are following the progress of the film on Twitter and Facebook, are coming to Dinard. This is humbling and I will be very nervous about seeing the film presented in front of a paying audience. Oh well – it’s too late now. Smile and nod.

I will be Tweeting updates and photos on @PapaSonsFilm



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