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In Athens for Greek Premiere

When I had a couple of hours to kill in Athens this morning I decided to walk, without thinking too much, and observe. I am as much an observer here as I am a participant in what is normally regarded …

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Historic screening at the European Parliament – 13th November 2012

This film has its own consciousness. After refusing to be accepted by a single UK distributor and after stubbornly refusing to be accepted by any British film festivals, it decided it would go to the heart of European Government at …

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Interview with a Blogger

This is an interview I did about Papadopoulos & Sons with a blogger called Eleanor for her webzine Fandom Wanderers Tell us a bit about your new film, Papadopoulos and Sons. It’s the story of a wealthy London Greek businessman …

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The latest Eurozone crisis creates context for the film

The good news from Cannes was securing distribution deals for a number of European territories and getting into more festivals. The most special news is Greece and my sincere hope is that the film will bring hope and a sense …

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My director’s statement for Cannes press pack

I had to write a director’s statement for the press pack, ahead of Cannes. Papadooulos & Sons is being screened to industry there at the film market in mid May. I enjoyed writing this statement. The act of writing it was an affirmation of …

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