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Reflections on the Dinard Film Festival, Part 2 (Tango for One)

I spent many hours wandering about with the cast, eating ice cream and taking in the views at Dinard. It’s rare to bond with any group of people you work with, but that is what we did when we shot …

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Papadopoulos & Sons at the Dinard Film Festival – 3rd to 7th October 2012

It looks like a reunion. Most of the key cast of Papadopoulos & Sons will be in Dinard this week, at the Dinard Film Festival, in France. Georges Corraface, Stephen Dillane, Ed Stoppard and Georgia Groome will be there – …

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Interview with online magazine What The Dickens

This is an interview I did with Sandy East of What The Dickens Magazine – which I’ve reprinted here on the blog. Marcus Markou had a story he needed to tell, a film that he needed to make, and a lot …

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Interview with a Blogger

This is an interview I did about Papadopoulos & Sons with a blogger called Eleanor for her webzine Fandom Wanderers Tell us a bit about your new film, Papadopoulos and Sons. It’s the story of a wealthy London Greek businessman …

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Small is beautiful underpins the film – now jail the bankers

I’m often asked how my background as an entrepreneur has influenced Papadopoulos & Sons. Certainly, the themes of the film and my own business values are the same. As economic crisis grows, it deserves a blog entry. Because I run …

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