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Papadopoulos & Sons wins Audience Award at 53rd Thessaloniki Film Festival

I was in my boxer shorts and fixing breakfast for my children when the phone rang from Greece to announce that we’d won the Michael Cacoyannis Audience award at the Thessaloniki Film Festival. Audience awards are a big deal. When …

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Reflections on the Dinard Film Festival, Part 1 (It’s a Jumper)

Audiences loved the film at the Dinard Film Festival. We had big queues, we had great applause, we had laughter, tears and word-of-mouth. All the things you dream of. We had people come back and watch it again. We were …

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Papadopoulos & Sons at the Dinard Film Festival – 3rd to 7th October 2012

It looks like a reunion. Most of the key cast of Papadopoulos & Sons will be in Dinard this week, at the Dinard Film Festival, in France. Georges Corraface, Stephen Dillane, Ed Stoppard and Georgia Groome will be there – …

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Movie trailer on Youtube points to the future

It’s been under 48 hours since the trailer for Papadopoulos & Sons was released onto Youtube. I tweeted 100 or so followers on Twitter and also added a link on the Facebook Fan Page (which currently has only 600 followers).  In just …

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