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Success For Papa in Germany!

You’ve got to love the Germans. I spent a week there touring the outer reaches of the country promoting the film before its release. We literally covered 1000s of kilometers in a few days. I just wasn’t convinced the film …

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Reflections on the Dinard Film Festival, Part 1 (It’s a Jumper)

Audiences loved the film at the Dinard Film Festival. We had big queues, we had great applause, we had laughter, tears and word-of-mouth. All the things you dream of. We had people come back and watch it again. We were …

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Interview with a Blogger

This is an interview I did about Papadopoulos & Sons with a blogger called Eleanor for her webzine Fandom Wanderers Tell us a bit about your new film, Papadopoulos and Sons. It’s the story of a wealthy London Greek businessman …

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Something special has been created

All good film sites (as well as good films) have a confident visual style and we were fortunate to have James Friend, a talented and young Director of Photography in the team. Many of the great images on this site …

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