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Reclassification of Papadopoulos & Sons – Response from BBFC

People have been dismayed and surprised that Papadopoulos & Sons is rated a 15, while violent films such as The Dark Knight and Skyfall are rated a 12a. On Monday 8th April, we tried to get the film reclassified. I was told I would need to re-edit the film – and cut seven ‘fucks’ to four ‘fucks’. I don’t have the resources to do this. This is absurd – given the gentle tone of this film and given that this is the language used by most teenagers. What does this say about our society? We permit 12 years olds to see death and murder and violence. They can hear the word ‘fuck’ four times but not seven. If you are not happy with this decision you can email and register your complaint. Perhaps this should start a bigger debate about how we classify films.

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